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"Good" Card Set

"Good" Card Set
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"Good" Card Set

We have assembled some of our best selling card tricks into a money-saving set. These are professional quality effects perfect for ages 10 to 100!

The "Good" Set includes:

Brainwave Deck (HA-8047)

The spectator names out loud a chosen card at the performer's request. The performer then claims he has mentally controlled the spectator's choice, and proves his claim by showing that the card the spectator has chosen is the only card face up in the deck! In addition, that card has a different colored back than the others as well!

Svengali Deck (HA-8020)

Show all the cards of this deck to be different. Have your spectator point to any card, and you instantly name their card! Show the cards once more and your spectator picks another card, wait a minute they've picked the same card again! Over and over your spectator selects the same card yet the cards are shown to be different! An amazing deck that requires no skill.

Mental Photography Deck (HA-8023)

You remove from it's case, a deck with no front or backs. That's right, absolutely blank! This of course makes selecting and locating a card pretty foolproof. A few quick turns, and the entire deck has fronts and backs! Give the deck a cut, and the deck goes completely blank again! A stunning routine that requires no sleights.

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