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Haunted Key

Haunted Key
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This large skeleton key will turn over in your friend's hand as though a ghostly hand was turning it!

 No threads, wires, & completely examinable!

 A large skeleton key is shown & explained that this was owned by an old Englishman & believed to be haunted. '

'Did you know that because keys are always turned one way or another thousands of times, they develop a memory! When my friend told me this, I didn't believe him either...''

 Key is now placed on your friend's outstretched palm. ''Watch closely, you say''. Do you see it has begun to move? That's right, it now turns & stops halfway! Then starts turning again until it's completely turned over!

 Completely examinable!

 You can also make it turn over while you're holding it, & an alternative routine is to talk about mind over matter & that just your thought processes can make the key turn. Then you proceed as above.

 This trick has not been available for many years and is now brought to you at an incredibly low price!

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