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Larger than Life

Larger than Life
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An incredible stage size version of the Mental Epic Routine, with NO GIMMICKES! If you want a reputation-maker, an effect that your audience will always remember, LARGER THAN LIFE is it!
EFFECT:The magician selects three random spectators from the audience, asking each one to imagine an item that is special to them, and then draw it on a large dry erase board. One at a time, each spectator writes their prediction down while the magician stands behind the dry erase board keeping the image from his sight, and writing his prediction on a smaller dry erase board. Once complete, the magician then reveals that each one of his written predictions MATCH! The magician correctly wrote the spectators' information on the smaller dry erase boards WITHOUT seeing what they had written!
Special change bag included! ($25 Value!) Three dry erase pens. DVD instructions.
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