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Magic Supply Company :: Close Up Magic :: Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts  
Paper Cuts 
The cruelest thing to happen at the workplace since cubicles! Introducing the teeth chattering, flinch-inducing, spine-tingling Poor Boy Paper Cut!
Ask a coworker for a sticky note (or give your spectator a pack of sticky notes and have them select one), fold it in half, and say that you're going to paper cut your EYE! Imagine the paper sliding against your fragile paper-thin lens, sawing its way to your cornea!
The spectator cringes, and tries to talk you out of it. You agree and offer to paper cut THEIR EYE! Um, no! There's no way that's going to happen, so you offer to cut your tongue instead... and instantly slice the paper razor blade across your tongue, leaving a blood trail the whole way!
With your spectator in total shock, you cut your wrist, hand, neck, and face! Blood everywhere, but totally fake! Tell your audience that, really, it looks worse than it is. To prove it, take your spectator by the arm and cut the back of their hand too! See... doesn't hurt a bit!
Simple method, amazing results! Produce blood in a stream, dots, or smears! Easy setup and very little sleight of hand! Works with any piece of paper!
Paper Cut, my friends, is typical Poor Boy! The method is dirt simple and back to basics. In this case, it's just "one of those one things" folded in half and filled with blood, then cleverly introduced to a sticky note! Cheap, practical, and freakin' cool!
You get a set of "gimmicks," really just an ordinary thing you can buy in bulk locally (refills by the hundreds are simply a trip to the store), a few sticky notes to get you started, some digital files to customize the gimmicks, and edible stage blood so you can cut the most tender spots without worry!
Watch the Poor Boy Paper Cut demo video! Each "gimmick" holds enough blood for 4-5 lesions or a couple of good whacks! When you're done, just crumple the sticky note into a ball and toss it in the trashcan, discarding all the evidence along with it. End bloody clean! Be bloody amazing!
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SKU MC11-2396
Weight 0.25 lbs
Price: $15.00


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