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Magic Supply Company :: Mentalism :: The Master's Time Machine

The Master's Time Machine  
The Master's Time Machine 
Remove your working watch from your wrist holding the watch in front of you, select a time. Ask the spectator to select a random time of the day. Turn the watch to face the spectator... Unbelievably, the watch shows the time they have selected!

  • Absolutely Amazing!
  • No Setup
  • Simple to perform


You patter about various psychic activities, ESP, Psychometry (the ability to receive information from an object that has been handled by another person), and Precognition (the ability to look into the future and see what is going to happen). You note that you would like to try an experiment in Extra Sensory Awarness. You now remove your watch and pull out the stem. You turn the stem for a moment setting a random time on the watch. Hold the watch by the metal band with the face of the watch towards you, but still in full view of the audience. Ask a member of the audience to help you.

Looking at the spectator, you ask that they imagine a clock face in thier mind. Ask them to concentrate and really see the face of the clock. The hour hand is moving. It moves past the one and the two and suddenly it stops on an hour. What hour of the day did it stop on? Your spectator tells you, the five. Fine , you say, now you see the minute hand flashing around the clock. What number does it stop on? Again, your spectator calls out any number from 1-59. Perhaps they select 23. You have now established a random time of the day. In this case the time is 5:23. You build it up. You turn the watch and show the time: 5:23!! The watch can now be put into the hand of the spectator if you wish.
Customer Points: 160

SKU MM-125
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $160.00


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