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Super Knife Thru Coat by Dick Barry

Super Knife Thru Coat by Dick Barry
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Effect: A borrowed coat is held by its owner. After placing a piece of magic paper infront of the coat the magician thrusts a large knife completely through the coat and the magic paper. The audience can even hear the tearing sound of the cloth as the knife is seen cutting downward through the magic paper. The coat is now turned completely around to show the audience both the front and back of the jacket. One side shows the knife blade protruding through the coat and the reverse side of the coat shows the knife’s handle. After many laughs and gasps from the audience the coat is completely restored. The KNIFE-THROUGH-COAT is without a doubt a magic classic. Dick Barry ranks it as one of his top 3 tricks of ALL TIME. After trial and error we believe we have designed and built a SUPER KNIFE-THROUGH-COAT. Here are some of the new features: It has a larger and more threatening knife blade. Instead of one magnet we now use two much more powerful neodymium magnets. (Works even on heavy leather coats.) The handle of the knife has been redesigned for greater visibility, balance and ease of handling. Like the original, it is the only knife through coat that can be shown completely surrounded, penetrating the coat both front and back. Not only have we made a better prop knife but we have been able to GREATLY REDUCE THE PRICE. This knife has a lifetime warrantee. If it breaks send it back and we will replace or repair it for a modest shipping and handling fee. We also have streamlined the routine, which includes complete patter and color photographs showing you our EASY handling. Only one knife is used during the routine! No complicated switches or clumsy moves. BOTTOM LINE: BOTH YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE WILL LOVE THIS SUPER KNIFE-THROUGH-COAT!
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