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Itty-Bitty Car by Dick Barry

Itty-Bitty Car by Dick Barry
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This is the cutest little magic car that was ever conceived. It is only 5/8 of an inch in length. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in BIG MAGIC! A spectator FREELY selects one of your business cards. On the back of the card the spectator writes the name of a "DREAM CITY" he/she would like to visit on a future vacation. The card is turned over and is ACTUALLY LOST in a stack of more of your business cards. (Even you don't know where it is!) You then introduce the ITTY-BITTY CAR (with its magical MIND-ACTIVATED NAVIGATION SYSTEM). While the spectator looks at the tiny car and concentrates on the "dream city" the tiny car takes a ride down a row of your business cards. Using its MIND-ACTIVATED NAVIGATION SYSTEM, the tiny car SUDDENLY JUMPS OFF the card it was riding on and SKIDS TO A STOP ON A SINGLE CARD! When that card is turned over it turns out to be the SPECTATOR’S "DREAM CITY" CARD! If you prefer, you can use playing cards or just plain blank cards instead of your own business cards. Works equally as well for magicians or mentalists. The best part is this effect is almost SELF-WORKING. (Color of the ITTY-BITTY car may vary from that shown.)
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