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Key Bending

Key Bending
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The power of the mind is unbelievable. It can even cause metals to bend without seemingly using any visible physical force.

Imagining you borrow a key from an audience volunteer, a regular spare key from his key chain, and, in front of his very eyes, you cause it to bend in a manner that cannot be explained by any physical force. Just imagine that his own key bends when held within the volunteer's own hand. As simple as that! As a climax, if you wish, you can re-bend the key, to its (almost) original straight shape - solely by ''the power of your mind!''

This amazing effect can be performed using ''the perfect key bender'', in a very easy and neat way: an ordinary key can be used, with the audience sitting around you, either on stage or in close-up, it can be performed ''impromptu'', the key can be bent either in its owner hand or in the hand of another volunteer from the audience... furthermore, no key changing is involved, thus the selected key can be marked for identification by its owner, no chemicals are used, no jig has to be hidden up your sleeve (long sleeves are not required), and the key is never out of the audience's sight - no sleight of hand is required!!
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