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Mind Leaper

Mind Leaper
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Mind Leaper: The invisible device that causes a card to leap from the card box!

5 Effects using Mind Leaper:
  • Playing Card of Death - A selected card is lost in the deck. An indifferent card, placed in the card box, mysteriously shoots from the box and impales the deck, finding the selected card. This is repeated and fails, however, the indifferent card turns into the selected card while in the spectator's hand.
  • Air Transformation - A spectator names two cards. The magician spreads through the deck, finds the second card named, and places it into the card box. The card transforms into the first card as it flies from the box and lands on the floor. The deck is spread on the table revealing the first selection has vanished. The card reappears in the magician's pocket.
  • Selected Flight - A selected card is lost in the deck. The magician has the spectator pick up the card box and open it, their selected card leaps from the box.
  • Pickpocket - Acredit card is borrowed and placed in the card box. The magician, using a deck of cards, reveals some of the tehcniques used by pickpockets. In the end, the borrowed credit card flies from the box into the magician's hand.
  • Exposed - A card is selected and placed in the card box, hidden from view, the magician names the selected card. A false explanation, that is hard to believe is given, then shown to be true.

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