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Nesting Bags

Nesting Bags
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A ring is borrowed from a spectator and dropped into a clear glass. A piece of paper is then shown and a cloth bag is given to the spectator to hold. The piece of paper is placed on spectator's palm and the ring is dumped out of the glass onto the paper.

The paper is then wrapped into a small bundle around the ring and placed into the "Bermuda Triangle Vanish" (sold separately). The paper is lit and the ring instantly vanishes in the flames! (If you don't own "Bermuda Triangle Vanish" simply vanish the ring using your favorite method).

The bag which the spectator has been holding since the start is untied and she reaches inside...there's another bag. They untie the second bag and remove the contents...a third bag. Inside is a small seashell and inside is the spectator's ring!

Petrick & Mia's Nesting bags are also great for other "impossible location" routines using credit cards, playing cards, currency, etc.

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