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Power Cards
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The performer takes out a deck of cards and spreads through them, asking a spectator to think of any card he/she sees. Let us assume that the thought of card is the five of spades. The performer takes the card out of the middle of the deck, and places it on a table in front of the spectator. The performer claims that this card is the spectator's thought of card. The spectator is told to turn the card over; it is not the thought of card, and it is an indifferent card. The performer, very embarrased, wants to correct the situation.

He placed the whole deck on the table, casts a shadow over the deck, and spreads the cards. There is one card reversed in the middle of the deck, it is the thought of card. You would think that the trick is over, but wait, there's more! The performer says he took the thought of card from another deck, and put it in the deck which is now in play. The performer removes the thought of card, turns it over and reveals that it is the only card with an odd color back in the whole deck!
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