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Screen Test by Steve Dimmer - Trick

Screen Test by Steve Dimmer - Trick
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"I've seen similar things, but never this direct, straight to the point and strong. Even after seeing it twice in a row I didn't have a clue!"
- Jan Forster

"Steve Dimmers' Screen Test is a great example of a practical, effective piece of mentalism. I love the movie presentation as everyone loves the movies. It's small enough to be carried and used for strolling gigs and can also play for a stand-up audience. And the Oscar goes to... Alakazam Magic for putting out another fantastic Effect!"
- Danny Archer

Screen Test by Steve Dimmer is incredibly deceptive with a cheekily simple method.

Your spectator is handed a bunch of classic movie poster postcards (Each movie is different).

While your head is turned your spectator mixes and selects any one of the movies (totally free choice) and puts the other postcards away (out of sight).

You now state that written on the back of the chosen movie is a list of all the movies included in the set. You ask them to read the list out in any order they like, while you try to pick up on vocal cues to determine which movie they are thinking of.

As they read the list you apologize, stating that you are not picking up any changes in their voice so you are going to try it another way.

You ask them to start imagining the movie, now while your back is still turned you start to reveal exactly what movie they are thinking of.

Also included on the streaming video is a bonus section packed with additional presentation ideas including Peter Nardi's 2 spectator presentation, Where the theme tune to a thought of movie plays as your phones ring tone!

Points to Remember

•No Memory Work Required
•No Fishing
•No Peeks
•May Be Repeated
•Plays For, Close Up, Walk A Round or Stage
•Resets Instantly
Comes Complete With Beautiful Full Color Movie Poster Postcards & Full Online Video Tutorial


"The method can also be adapted to a lot of things, from movie to actor's name or even places around the world, the possibility are endless. Language isn't a problem either because you will be able to easily find a way to use it with your own language." Alexis De La Fuente, Reviewer 8/12/2015

"Everyone loves movies and it’s always welcome to perform an effect that departs from the usual card trick. This one is ready for its close-up in your show." Wayne Kawamoto, Magic.About.com 8/26/2015

"This is an extremely strong effect and very easy to do. I love the quality of the cards, the simplicity of the method and the versatility of the presentation – it could work in a close up, parlor, or even stage setting. " Philip Sweeting - bicycle-cards.co.uk, Reviewer 8/12/2015

"I really enjoyed this routine. I’m a big movie buff, so this was particularly fun for me. But even if you’re not a movie person, you should have no problem finding someone in your audience with an interest in movies. The method is so straight forward, you can concentrate on presentation and not method. The size is versatile and a great touch. PLUS, its not a card or coin trick! That alone makes it worthwhile. " Magic Junkie, Reviewer 8/21/2015

"This routine is very strong for spectators and baffled every person that I perfomed this trick for. The routine allows you to really concentrate on your performance and the mind reading aspect of the trick as it is so very easy to learn and perform. " Stuart Philip, MyLovelyAssistant 8/17/2015

"I really do like this and it is an effect I will definitely use. This is one of my favorite mentalism releases of 2015 to date. Highly recommended." Phil Shaw, The Peek 8/19/2015

"you're going to get a lot of extra handling and some extra input from Peter Nardi and Steve, so that always goes a long way." David Kenney, Reviewer 8/11/2015

"It's very, very nice." MagicWorld.co.uk, Reviewer 8/20/2015

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