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Slate of Mind - Jay Leslie

Slate of Mind - Jay Leslie
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This great effect been off the market since Jim Swoger retired because it was hidden in the back of his garage. We found the sample just the other week and Jim said "Oh yeah, this has always been a good trick" so we are re-re-re-releasing it again. Hundreds have been sold since... way back when Jim was the man. Slate Of Mind can be repeated with different results. Collectors and professionals take note. Ok, anyone who does shows should read along too. Now it's made in two sizes. It's like we cut the jumbo size in half.

The basic effect is pretty straight forward. A prediction is made. A card, any card, is selected from an unprepared deck of cards and placed in the red holder. The prediction is read out loud the card matches the prediction.

But wait there's more. For the jumbo size, we've turned this effect into a quasi mentalists change bag. You can also perform also newspaper prediction. It has the potential for other effects as well. Even if you only performed the card prediction you would get your money's worth. There is no explanation for how it works. Magicians and lay people will be left to ponder your amazing ability of prognostication.

Just set the ungimmicked frame 1/8 thick board on a table. Write a prediction.... or better yet have the chairperson stand next to you with an envelope you sent them weeks before. Have anyone select any card from an ungimmicked deck. Take the single ungimmicked card and slide it into the holder. Let anyone open the prediction. Show the card, read the prediction or read the prediction & show the card. Either way, it's always a perfect match.

Easy enough for beginners • Powerful enough for top professionals • Cheep enough for everyone to afford • Expensive enough so it doesn't flood the market - It's Slate Of Mind a fool proof effect that has terrific impact.

• The frame and board can be handed out after the show

• There is no slight of hand involved the props do all the work

• Nicely painted

• Nice detail on the board creating a prop that has a distinguished look

• The style may have slight variations then the one pictured.

We provide 6 different prediction cards for repeat shows. You provide a deck of normal cards which you can use forever. Our instructions include the way to turn an envelope into a switching device (for the Jumbo size) if you want to do the newspaper prediction effect. It should only take five minutes to do initially and you can reuse it again and again.

These are all Hand made in California-USA!
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