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The best magic happens in the hands of the spectators. Uncanny combines magic with mind reading to create a personalized experience for the audience.

Several word cards are displayed. A volunteer is asked to mix them face down. They select one of the word cards and are asked to remember it. All cards are mixed by the volunteer again. The entire packet is locked in a clear box with two separate compartments. An ungimmicked handkerchief covers the box so you can not see or touch it. The magician asks "Would it be possible to not only know the name of your card but to remove it from the box and replace it in the second compartment?" The spectator will agree it would be impossible. The spectator is asked to remove the handkerchief. To his complete amazement, his selected card has magically passed into the second separate compartment. The cards are removed and the spectator may look through them for any clues. He won't find any.

In addition to the above killer effect, we include a second astonishing effect. The volunteer secretly writes a thought on a blank card. The face down card is cut into a packet and placed in the locked box. Then the all knowing magician divulges exactly what's is on their mind even though you can not see their card. It's too easy. You'll be given credit for really reading minds and getting applause for performing miracles.

  • Easy to do
  • No set up time
  • Works like magic
  • Two different effects
  • Fools other magicians
  • Great effect for street magic

Exclusive item. Uncanny is a powerful tool in the hands of any magician or mentalist. If you like to amaze people with strong effects then you'll love Uncanny.
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