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Deranged (DVD & Gimmicks) by Jay Sankey

Deranged (DVD & Gimmicks) by Jay Sankey
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Eight pieces of a cut postcard (featuring Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa') are handed out to be closely examined. A spectator selects one of the pieces. And a folded prediction is introduced. A spectator is asked to hold the remaining pieces behind her back and give them the 'ultimate fair shuffle' (mixing their order, and also randomly turning them over.) When the spectator slowly deals the pieces onto the table, and the prediction is unfolded, it perfectly matches the selected piece! And the prediction also matches the exact arrangement of the remaining 7 pieces! DERANGED is easy to do, immediately resets, and never misses! Includes the custom designed postcard, plastic wallet and full-length DVD! REVIEWS "I like the theme of this trick that makes for a fun mentalism experiment. Like the Mona Lisa, it should make your spectators smile." Wayne Kawamoto, Magic.About.com 3/9/2015 Full Review "It's very clean and very smart." Jeff Stone, MagicReviewed.com 2/24/2015 Full Review "Often the simplest magic effects are the best, and Deranged by Jay Sankey is no exception." Phil Shaw, The Peek 2/5/2015
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